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Population Data on Google Pages Cannot Be Deleted

Jakarta -Population data circulating on the Google browser engine page cannot be removed even though it is important to ensure that the prepaid SIM card is registered as required.

Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI) Commissioner I Ketut Prihadi said his party was discussing with Google and still had not received the right solution.

As is known, the government wants every prepaid cellular number used to be connected with population data in the form of population number (NIK) and family card number (KK).

Unfortunately, since the beginning of this policy, valid population data are still circulating. This access, then used by parties is not responsible for registering the prepaid SIM number.

The use of this data makes registration no effect on decreasing the potential for fraud through cell phones. The reason is that the government still cannot get the identity of the owner of the number with certainty even though it has become a criminal.

“We have coordinated with Google and are still looking for a solution,” he said when contacted by Bisnis on Thursday (6/12/2018).

Meanwhile, from the results of BRTI supervision, there is the potential for misuse of population data in the registration of prepaid SIM cards. In addition, there is an application to register numbers even if not for use on M2M devices or machine to machine.

Therefore, BRTI released new rules. Quoted from the BRTI Decree No.3 / 2018, the provisions signed on November 21 were released because the activated starter cards were still circulating. Likewise with violations of the use of NIK and KK numbers.

The stipulation is aimed at cellular operators and prepaid SIM card sellers, namely distributors, agents, outlets or individual footpaths. In this provision, six articles are regulated with article 1 which has 25 items in more detail.

In article 1, it is reaffirmed about the implementation of SIM card registration which refers to the Minister of Communication and Information Regulation No.21 2017.

BRTI, in its stipulation stated that the maximum number of independent registrations is three peroperator numbers from one NIK and KK number. The ITRB requested that operators carry out cleaning of numbers that were registered in an unnatural manner, namely when one NIK and KK number were used to register many numbers at once. If there are many numbers registered with one NIK and KK number, the operator will send a notification to the customer.

Regarding the provisions for shutting down numbers and re-registration orders, it must be done no later than 30 calendar days from the date the decree was released. The ITRB requested that the operators attach a list of numbers that were turned off and that had been re-registered seven days after the deadline for implementation. Furthermore, the number will be evaluated by the BRTI and matched with the data belonging to the National Police Headquarters.

In terms of supervision, operators must supervise partners, distributors, agents to pelapak so that customers properly register customer numbers. For numbers from an organization or business entity, a taxpayer number (NPWP) or trade business permit (SIUP) must be attached.

Finally, registration tools such as Digipos and Salmo are prohibited from being used at the agent level because they are only allowed in authorized outlets for registration of devices that use a SIM card.

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