QR Code Regulated, Bank Saves Investment Cost

Jakarta -The Association of Payment System of Indonesia (ASPI) hopes the standardization of QR code so as to save the investment cost of the bank in utilizing the technology.

Chairman of ASPI Anggoro Eko Cahyo said that his side together with the banking community continue to deepen the standardization of QR code. It aims to simplify the use of QR code in the field.

“We initiated to standardize the QR code so that we can use one sticker. We hope because there is no need to provide EDC anymore then the cost will be cheaper using QR code compared with cash or debit, “he said on Wednesday (4/4/2018).

Meanwhile, the rules of Bank Indonesia related to QR code technology standards will be slid in April 2018.

Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia in the Sugeng Payment System disclosed that the QR Code standard in Indonesia will streamline public transactions because QR Code development that has been closed has become more open.

“So far, they are not connected to each other, causing inefficiency and complicating the society,” said Sugeng in a seminar on Digital Economy Trends: Electronic Transaction Era, Opportunities and Challenges, Wednesday (4/4/2018).

Later, any payment feature service provider using QR Code scan must have permission from the central bank as payment system authority.

The reason is, this feature includes the development of payment system methods so that the standardization program QR Code is in line with the implementation of the National Payment Gateway (NPG) which will begin next June.

As for, the details will be contained in the refinement of Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) on electronic money.

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