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Real Estate Developers Paid Tax 79.17%

The Association of Real Estate Companies of Indonesia (REI) continues to expect the government to review the tax laws charged because it is still burdensome developers and consumers.

Vice Chairman of the Central Representative Council (DPP) of the Real Estate Companies Association (REI) of the Prosperous Housing Development Sector Tapak Conny Lolyta Rumondor said fairly the government should not take taxes from the calculation of the selling price that developers have set, but from the net profit.
Because the capital purchase of land and buildings issued large enough from the developer. Not to mention the developers also still have to allocate capital to purchase land and buildings separately.

“If calculated at least 79.17% of taxes paid by the developers to the state,” he said Sunday (24/9).

The calculation is taken from the amount of the developer tax deposit, should be added to the obligations of public facilities and social facilities. Among them 12.5% ​​of tax turnover not including PPnBM and Fasum and fasos of 66.67% of turnover in the form of goods. This is with the assumption of fasum and fasos value equal to the selling price with the comparison of the saleable area. The amount does not include Tax PPh 21 (salary), PPh 23 (suppliers), Income tax dividends and other obligations.

In addition, he still expects the government to conduct a review and propose that at least VAT be charged to 1% for commercial houses calculated from the sale price of the house so as not to burden the consumer burden.

REI added he also proposed related BPHTB cuts the figure of Rp60 million per transaction to 100 million for MBR homes. According to him, there should also be a classification of discounts for homes with a sale price above Rp500 million or land transactions above and below Rp500 million.

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