Rouhani to the US Secretary of State: Who Do You Dare Make Decisions For Iran?

Jakarta -Mike Pompeo does not specify what kind of new sanctions will be imposed on Iran. (Reuters)

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington would impose sanctions on Iran as unprecedented in history.

The move follows President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Iran’s nuclear deal.

When describing 12 conditions for a new deal, Pompeo said the United States would put historic pressure on Iran to cancel its nuclear ambitions and ballistic missiles.

In a speech in Washington on Monday (21/05), Pompeo said Iran would “have trouble sustaining its economy” after the sanctions were imposed.

Iran’s attitude

However, he did not disclose the new sanctions to be imposed. He only said that sanctions imposed on Iran’s central bank governor last week were “just the beginning”.

The strong statement was immediately responded by Iran in a loud tone.

President Hassan Rouhani questioned Mike Pompeo’s credibility by saying, “Who are you daring to make decisions for Iran and the world?”

It was said by Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo that the US is willing to negotiate a “new deal” with Iran as long as the country meets 12 conditions.

These conditions include:

Iran must withdraw its troops from Syria and no longer support the rebels in Yemen
Provide comprehensive data to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on previous nuclear military programs, and cancel such programs forever
Ending the “threatening behavior” of neighboring countries, including “threats to destroy Israel and firing missiles into Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates”
Freeing all citizens of the United States, and citizens of US partners, “held on false charges or lost in Iran”
President Trump announced the United States out of a nuclear deal starting May 8 last.

Employers’ dilemmas
Under the agreement signed by Iran, Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union in 2015, Iran limits its nuclear activities in return for easing economic sanctions previously imposed by the UN, the European Union and the United States.

But the United States, under the administration of President Trump, decided to withdraw from the deal.

The move not only troubles the governments of the countries involved, but also stirs up the business world as many major European companies immediately decide to enter into business with Iran once the sanctions are lifted.

The Dutch shipping company, Maersk, has said it will stop its efforts in Iran. (AFP)

Now the companies are faced with the choice of investing in Iran or doing business with the United States.

In his statement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed that sanctions revoked after the 2015 deal will now be re-enacted. The sanctions, coupled with new sanctions jointly, will lead to “unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime”.

Under the old US sanctions, almost all forms of trade with Iran are banned. Excluded are trading activities “for the benefit of the Iranian people” such as the export of health products and agricultural equipment.

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