in Online Learning Supply in 7 Cities and Regencies

JAKARTA – Improving the quality of education is required for equitable education in Indonesia. One solution that is with the utilization of information technology such as online learning.

This was stated by Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Mohamad Nasir, According to him, technology is needed as a bridge of education quality gap between Java, outside Java and urban and rural.

Thus, it is expected that changes in school teaching behavior that previously delivered conventionally, can now be delivered through digitalization.

This is in line with what Ruangguru, Indonesia’s largest technology-based education service provider, now serves more than 7.5 million users.

A number of regional heads who were present agreed to work together to encourage better quality education through mobile based learning available in Ruangguru applications.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was conducted between Ruangguru and seven regions, namely Bitung City, South Sumatera Province, Aceh Province, Denpasar City, Pekanbaru City, Jambi City and Banyumas Regency.

There are also points of cooperation listed include the provision of educational content, application of virtual classes and online exam platforms, to training principals and teachers.
“We deeply appreciate the commitment of local government representatives who have attended the Learning Innovation Summit event in improving access to quality education in the region,” said Belva Devara, CEO of Ruangguru as quoted from a press release Saturday (17/3/2018).

He hopes, he continued, with the emergence of new partners, Ruangguru can grow bigger and serve more children in Indonesia.

Ruangguru is an Indonesian technology company focused on education-based services and has more than 7.7 million users. The company was founded since 2014 by Belva Devara and Iman Usman.

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