Samsung Features Can Save Data Quota

PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) claims one of the excellent features that it is applied is Ultra Data Saving is considered to save the user’s Internet quota that has been absorbed by many applications behind the scenes.

SEIN claims through these features users can save all the applications used on smartphonenya such as Whatsapp applications whose quota can be saved up to 38.8%. In addition to Whatsapp, other instant messaging applications that can be saved is Line by 41.8% and also fuel up to 31.5%.

The new Samsung applying the Ultra Data Saving feature on the latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and Galaxy J5 Pro phones.Usually, if the smart phone users do not use these features, then the data quota to be absorbed by the application is quite large.

Through these features, users also have a higher intensity in performing live vlogging activities on social media. It also can mengo ntrol use of data quota from various applications to be more effective.

Then, users can also read the various information and news online more conveniently because the quota of data used less.
Just like when using Youtube, users can save quota when playing Youtube up to 43.2% and save quota while watching Netflix up to 49.7%.

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