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Satisfying Viewing Experience with Latest TV Technology

Consciously or unconsciously, television has a central role in the daily life of each family. Television can even be a magnet that keeps families together, chatting, and exchanging stories after a busy day with each activity.

So, do not be surprised if the television is also a determinant in the interior design of the room to the entire house. Before furniture is shifted, surely the main question that arises is: “What about the TV?”

Technological developments give new colors to TV. By design, the emergence of panel television provides blessings for interior designers. Gone are the complications that arise in setting the TV position because of its ‘fat’ body. Thin TVs make it more ‘melt’ in space and do not take up space.

However, consumers are always demanding more. Television panels hung on the wall, for example, leaving a fairly wide empty space behind. Not to mention cable problems that ‘milling’ to connect TV to various devices. What if the minimalist home owner does not want to use the television table?

Simple and Artistic Design

This aspect of design is of concern to Samsung. Samsung recently launched a new line of television models in Indonesia which among others put forward the taste of beautiful product design.

Samsung’s new line of QLED TVs, like the previous products, have a simple and artistic design. With a barely visible frame, QLED TV looks beautiful while providing a more optimal viewing pleasure.

This year, Samsung gives a new artistic touch to QLED TV. The design features appear in the design of Studio Stand accessories and No-Gap Wall Mount. Studio Stand Accessories allows QLED TV to be placed in a three-legged carrier, just like a painting on display in the gallery.

To support this placement, Samsung is also updating the rear-end design of QLED TV to ensure the product is pleasing to the eye. For those who want to hang television on the wall, Samsung provides No-Gap Wall Mount accessories. This buffer makes your TV hanging perfectly like a picture frame or photo attached to the wall.

Another touch of aesthetics from Samsung is the Invisible Connection feature. QLED TV is equipped with a transparent optical cable with a diameter of 1.88 millimeters and a length of up to 15 meters. The optical cable functions to replace the functions of HDMI cables, audio cables, and power cables are usually irregularly twisted behind the TV. Owners of other Samsung electronic devices, such as SoundBar or DVD Player can even use the Invisible Connection cable as a single power cord. One translucent cable to connect all.

More Real Color View

Of course, the aesthetic feature is not the only one given by Samsung in the latest series QLED TV. Samsung’s latest line of television products continues to carry the most advanced visual technology.

Samsung has Quantum Dot that can give the experience of watching “more wow” because the color is more real. The Quantum Dot feature provides QLED TV’s accurate color display capability, now developed to a new level.

Quantum Dot, a technology that Samsung introduced 2-3 years ago, uses billions of nano-sized crystals (nanocrystal) as a color-generating medium. Simply put, QLED TV has three light sources that each produce a basic color. Normal LED TV filters light into three basic colors. That is, the basic color produced QLED TV is more ‘pure’. The result, is a more accurate color and a much higher contrast level. The energy spent, too, is more efficient.

Basically, QLED TV is capable of displaying colors in bright and dark images with the same level of sharpness and color accuracy. The level of contrast is also supported by the ability of QLED TV to produce high resolution images in dark or bright spaces. The resulting image is as sharp as any point of view.

One Remote Control

The latest in QLED TV is, Samsung offers connectivity with gadgets. You can display content on your smartphone to the QLED TV screen easily and without interruption. The point is no interruption is the video show displayed on the television screen will continue to spin perfectly even though the smartphone source content is used for calling or messaging.

The ease of technology is also given Samsung through One Remote Control feature. The remote control that is now lying in front of the television is practically the cable seribet behind the television. One remote for cable tv, one for DVD Player, one for Home Theater, and do not forget the controller for the video game console.

Samsung One Remote Control can control all Samsung devices connected to QLED TV, you can easily choose between sports games, games, to movies with just one control device. More easily, One Remote Control can also recognize the sound. If some buttons are still troublesome for you, just ask by voice.

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