SHOPPING AT RAMADAN: Big Ramadan Sale, Shopee Breaks 1.5 Million Transactions per Day

Jakarta -Shopee managed to reach 1.5 million transactions in 24 hours that occurred at the height of the Big Ramadan Sale campaign that was held on May 25-31, 2018. That number exceeds the set target of 1 million transactions per day.

Chris Feng, CEO of Shopee claims, 1.5 million transactions in 24 hours at once became a new record for the marketplace in the country. On the other hand, it also claimed to achieve 465 million user visits during the period of Ramadan.

“We are very grateful for the positive response of all Shopee loyal users in this year’s Ramadan. The increase in transactions is quite significant since the beginning of Ramadan to the top of Big Ramadan Sale this year, “he said, as quoted on Saturday (2/6/2018).

In general, he said Shopee set a record to increase in transactions more than five times compared to Ramadan last year. The enthusiasm of users is also perceived through the festive in-game app Shopee, Goyang Rain Rains with total prize Rp10 billion.

Previously Rezki Yanuar, Country Brand Manager of PT Shopee International Indonesia explained that it is targeting 1 million transactions per day during the peak of Big Ramadhan Sale on May 25-31, 2018. The target is three times higher than last year’s transaction. He explained that by 2017, its recorded the average transactions that occurred during Ramadan reached 300,000 transactions per day.

He also explained, the increase in online shopping transactions during Ramadan increased in line with increased consumption during the month. In addition, the existence of the Feast (THR), as well as the 13th salary for civil servants also increase the purchasing power of the community.

He mentioned during Ramadan, the best-selling products purchased by the public are fashion, beauty equipment, and mother and child equipment. Following subsequent devices and electronic goods, food, and other household needs.

“For the month of Ramadan is much improved, because many factors affect. Consumers have plenty of free time, and a lot of money is saved for shopping, “he said.

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