Specifications and Excellence of the New Volvo S60

Swedish automotive company launched its newest sedan in the United States on June 20, 2018 Night local time. Sedan that dinalai All New Valvo S60 comes with interesting specifications ranging from body design to classy interior.

All New Volvo S60 also has the advantage that is considered capable of presenting a new driving experience for consumers.

All New Volvo S60 comes with four variants

Unmitigated, Volvo directly presents four variants namely S60 Momentum. S60 Inscription, S60 R-Design and S60 T8 Polestar Engineered. Volvo S60 Momentum comes with Progressive style and advanced technology.

Volvo S60 Inscription comes with a Scandinavian-style luxury design. The Volvo S60 R-Design comes with a unique design and improved chassis (comprising the lower frame of the car, wheels, transmission, suspension system, and engine). The latest Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered comes as an electric sedan that is claimed to be different from other electric vehicles.

It has a charming exterior design

Volvo S60 sedan presents with curves of the body is charming and slim and sturdy design on the rear wheels so that this sedan comes with a strong body character. In addition, on the front looks prominent Volvo emblem, while the long hood and front bumper, LED headlamps are full of design marks Thor Hammer that allows you to drive during the day or night.

Volvo also presents a rim shape that makes this sedan look fashionable.

Luxurious interior design from Scandinavia

You will be given comfort with the luxurious Scandinavian interior design on Volvo S60. And invite you to enjoy the luxurious features and focus on the wheel.

Touch sensors that resemble tablets are presented as well as unique air vents. In the S60 R-Design variant presented sporty side of the car, with aluminum metal mesh decorating panels and contrasting stitching for seats up to the door and on the gearshift.

Solid fuel

The S60’s innovative engine balances strong performance with low emissions and low fuel consumption, and all engines have turbocharging technology. The S60 T8 variant has plug-in hybrid powertrains that give you practical performance and efficiency with different drive modes.

Rich in features and advanced technology from Pillot Assist to City Safety

Volvo S60 comes with a Pilot Assist that will help you drive in heavy traffic. This semi-autonomous driving technology is built on the Adaptive Cruise Control function – as well as maintaining the speed and distance assigned to the vehicle in front, also using steering input to keep you centered.

This sedan car also comes with a 360 degree SurroundView camera that will make it easier when parking. The camera will give you an idea around the touch screen near the wheel. This allows you to view objects or vehicles that may be hard to see just by using a rearview mirror.

City Safety helps protect people inside and outside your car by discovering potential dangers and helping you avoid them. Radar technology and cameras identify other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians up front at noon or night.

City Safety will warn you if it detects an imminent collision. If you do not react on time, City Safety can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid or reduce collisions.

Unfortunately there is no further information when this luxury sedan can be paved in Indonesia.

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