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Stabilization of Price So Priority Government Before Ramadan

Jakarta -Ministry of Trade continues to monitor the price of staple food (bapok) before Ramadan.

Head of Trade Assessment and Development Agency (BPPP) Kasan Muhri said the price stability of bapok, especially before Ramadan and Idulfitri, is a national priority that needs to be fully supported by all levels of the Ministry of Trade (MoHA) and Local Government.

In addition, according to him, it is necessary to anticipate early efforts in the form of coordination involving central government, local government, and business actors in order to maintain the availability of bapok in the community at affordable prices so as to keep the inflation rate on target.

The Ministry of Trade will implement four steps in maintaining price stability and supply of batches during Ramadan and Idulfitri. These measures are the strengthening of the regulation through the issuance of Regulation of the Minister of Trade (Permendag) Number 27 of 2017 on the Pricing of Reference of Purchase Reference in Farmers and the Price of Reference of Purchase in Consumer and Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 57 Year 2017 concerning the Determination of Highest Retail Price (HET) of Rice.

Strengthening the regulation is also done through Permendag No. 20 of 2017 on Registration of Distributors of Bapok Distributors. This regulation requires every distribution business actor who trades basic commodities to be required to have a Bappeda Register of Business Executors (TDPUD), including distributors, subdistributors and agents.

Distribution business actors who do not register and do not report will be subject to sanctions.

The next step is management through coordination meeting of National Religious Days (HBKN) 2018 in the region. Regional Coordination Meeting (Rakorda) will be held in 34 provinces in Indonesia.

Kemendag also synergize with SOEs and business actors to ensure HET rice, simple packaging oil, sugar, and meat continue to be applied. Bulog is also commissioned to distribute medium rice at HET-compliant prices to supplement the supply of all rice traders in the market.

Echelon I Ministry of Trade is said to be going down directly and in coordination with Provincial Trade Office, Regency / City Trade Service, and Food Satgas.

The next step is a special effort through market penetration. Kemendag will penetrate into the modern folk and retail market ahead of Idulfitri to escort the smooth supply of batches.

To ensure the price and supply of rice remain stable before and during the fasting month, as well as during Idul Fitri, from 13 April 2018 the Ministry of Trade obliges all market traders to supply medium rice and sell it according to HET.

In line with this, modern retailers are also required to provide premium rice sold in accordance with HET provisions.

“Business actors are asked to channel the medium rice to the people’s markets, and the local government is asked to coordinate with Bulog to supply Bulog rice to the people’s market,” said KASAN in his official statement on Saturday (5/5/2018).

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