Starbucks Apologizes, Black Viral Men Capture Incident at Medsos

JAKARTA -The Starbucks cafe seller apologizes for the arrest of two black men who happened at their coffee shop in Philadelphia.

The incident was viral after an amateur video on twitter showed police handcuffing two black men accused by the Starbucks staff of unauthorized entry. Starbucks is considered racist after the video was uploaded and retweeted by many people.

Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson said the video was “hard to watch” and that the actions were “wrong”.

In the incident that occurred on Thursday night, the two men were approached by the store manager and asked to leave after they used the toilet without making a purchase said police as reported by

Responding to the store manager’s request, the two black men said they were waiting for a friend and refused to leave.

Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross said that what his officers did was right. They arrested after Starbucks staff told them that the couple caused disruption and entered without permission.

“If a company calls and they say there’s someone here that I no longer want in my business, they [officers] now have a legal obligation to do their job,” Ross said.

In the official release of Starbucks on Saturday (14/3/2018). Johnson expressed a deep apology to the two men and said that his company would do anything to make it all right again.

“Video recorded by the customer is very difficult to watch and the actions in it do not represent our mission and Starbucks value,” said Johnson.

He also deplored the reporting done by his staff to the Philadelphia police who should not have done with the “basics” of such a trivial event.

However, the video of the incident was already seen by 9 million people, and sparked criticism as well as calls for a boycott of the Starbucks store.

Evident on Sunday (15/4/2018) people gathered protests outside the coffee shop. The company is currently investigating deeper into the case to prevent a similar case from happening in the future.

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