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Steve Smith Apologies for ball Tampering Scandal

Jakarta – Steve Smith faced first time infront of cameras for the heartfelt aplology for his role in the ball tampering affair that has rocked the sport.

Here, after 12 month ban have been sent to Home, Australia from South Africa by Cricket Australia. Landed Sydney on Thursday Night and in a highly-charged aiport presss conference room.

He admited and repeatedly stated “deeply sorry” for his such deeds. as he said ” I Made a serious error of judgement and I take consequences,” he also mentioned “It Was a failure of my leadership. I will do everything to makeup for my mistake and damage it has caused. If it can be a lesson for others, I hope I can be force for change. Cricket is the Greatest game in the world. It’s my life and I Hope it can be again”.

Smith’s deals with Commonwealth Bank and Sanitarium, were also ended.

The Scandal has also hit Cricket Australia in the pocket, with naming rights sponsor Magellan pulling out of major deal as naming rights sponsor on Thursday.

Source : The Guardian

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