Survey Proves Millennial Sleep Habbits Better

JAKARTA – Phillips annual survey this year shows that millennial generation aged 18-24 years is better able to maintain good sleeping habits than the older group of people.

The survey, conducted online in February 2018 by Harris Poll on behalf of Philips, examines the sleeping habits of more than 15,000 adults in 13 countries: the United States, Britain, Germany, Poland, France, India, China, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Japan.

From the overall global survey results, there emerged a small group of 18-24 year old adults. Although they tend not to have regular hours of sleep compared to other generations, the group reported that on average they sleep more each night than any other age group.

The group slept an average of 7.2 hours, or higher than those over 25 who only slept about 6.9 hours. Millennial groups also tend to feel guilty if they do not regularly maintain good sleeping habits compared to age groups above 35 years.

Adults aged 18-24 are also more likely to try to improve their sleep compared to age groups above 25 years.

David White, Chief Medical Officer, Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care says sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. The quality and duration of sleep each night are the most important variables that affect a person’s feelings the next day.

“So, inadequate sleep can have a direct impact on our health, unlike exercise or diet,” the survey found that while knowing that sleep is important for overall health, many people still do not prioritize it, “he said as quoted by press reports received, Saturday (17/3/2018).

Many people are more focused on exercise or eating healthy foods. In fact, the more one understands how the impact of sleep on everything that is done, the better one adjusts lifestyle and finds solutions that help sleep better.

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