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Suzuki Achieves Three Awards For Driving Happiness Index 2017

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, the agent holder of the Suzuki brand, won three awards in the survey category of the Happiness Index of Drive (IKB) 2017.

IKB 2017 award given to Suzuki Swift for small hatchback category, as well as Suzuki Satria F150 motorcycle category Duck 150cc and Suzuki Address FI for category Skutik 110-125cc.

Corporate Public Relations of Suzuki Indomobil Sales, Arviane D.B., said the appreciation given by the community through IKB survey is very meaningful for SIS as an effort to continue to develop innovation in every Suzuki product.

“Because customer satisfaction and happiness while using Suzuki products is an invaluable achievement, aligned with Suzuki’s ultimate goal of creating high value products that are consumer oriented,” he said on Tuesday (7/11/2017).

According to him, IKB is a formulation of driving satisfaction, vehicle condition and emotional level while driving all of which affect how much one’s happiness in driving.

The survey involved a total of 455 respondents over the age of 18, driving their own vehicles, a year of minimum vehicle production in 2000, as well as privately owned vehicles.

The IKB survey held Automotive Tabloid in June-August 2017 it, he added, is a reflection of consumers who get a fun experience through Suzuki products.

He explained Suzuki Swift managed to please the 245 car drivers respondents in the small hatchback category with the advantages that lies in the completeness of the feature.

The features in question, he continued, among others the use of ABS system + EBD on the braking system, integrated audio system directly with the gadget, good stability at handling, and cheap, user friendly, and efficient gasoline.

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