Tariff for Kanci-Pejagan Tolls Adjusted

CIREBON – The government adjusted the Kanci-Pejagan Toll tariff on October 23, 2018 starting at 00.00 WIB, where of the five categories of vehicles there were those who went up and also dropped.

“Tariff adjustments are valid on October 23, some are up and down,” said Head of Kanci-Pejagan Toll Collection Section, Uum Jumaedi in Cirebon, Wednesday.

He explained, as quoted by Antara, initially the toll entrance fee was in accordance with the existing class of vehicles. And currently there are only three tariffs for five classes of vehicles.

Where vehicle class I, the current tariff is Rp. 29 thousand, which was originally only Rp. 24,000. Then for class II and III vehicles combined with a tariff of Rp.43,500.

“Before being merged, class II vehicle costs Rp. 36 thousand and for III Rp. 48,000, there is also a decrease,” he said.

Then for the class of vehicles IV and V, the tariff is currently continued by Uum, which is IDR 58 thousand. Before adjusting for group IV IDR 60,000 and class V IDR 72,000.

He explained the reason the government made adjustments to the Kanci-Pejagan toll tariff was aimed at attracting vehicles entering the city out of town to the toll road.

In addition, to accommodate automotive expedition companies who complained about the high toll rates.

Uum admitted that there is a reduction in toll tariffs for large vehicles, it is predicted that more will enter the Kanci-Pejagan Toll Road, the impact of road maintenance will increase.

“There is a tariff adjustment dilemma. The effect is on the road maintenance burden, but we will anticipate it,” he said.

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