Taspen Increases Investment to RDPT

Jakarta -PT Taspen (Persero) cut investment in managed funds on deposits. Taspen President Director Iqbal Latanro said instead that the company increased its investment in a limited investment mutual fund (RDPT) instrument.

“This year we have more capital market instruments with RDPT, we see quite a lot of growth, hopefully it becomes our backbone,” said Iqbal in Jakarta, Tuesday (27/3/2018).

Iqbal explained last year that managed funds invested in RDPT and shares amounted to 10%, this year will be increased to 15%.

He also explained, the reason the company transferred its investment to RDPT due to less competitive deposit interest. Compared to RDPT and bonds, the value of the return is valued to be greater.

“The interest rate of deposit is 6%, it is already suffocating Taspen, while RDPT can be 9% to 10%, that’s good, some bonds are still close to 10%, so the logic is better,” he said.

Meanwhile, government bonds (SUN) still dominate Taspen investment portfolio with percentage between 60% and 70%. The rest, in addition to RDPT, managed funds are channeled into bonds and direct investment.

Last year it was known that the state-owned company recorded an investment return of Rp16.81 trillion, up 11% compared to 2016 of Rp15.21 trillion.

While total assets until the end of 2017 was recorded at Rp230, 38 trillion or grew 16% compared to 2016. Growth of one asset is sustained by an investment of 25%.

This figure represents the accumulation of investment assets growth in sukuk instruments and asset-backed securities collateral contracts (KIK-EBA) of 19%, deposits grew 54%, as well as mutual funds, stocks and others grew by 18%.

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