Tesla Selling Model X at Lower Price

Tesla Inc. on the weekend surprisingly lowers the base price of the Model X SUV to US $ 79,500 from the previous price of US $ 82,500. This is a tactic done by the company to enlarge the market share.

The reason, Tesla also has another model that is Model 3 is priced cheaper that is US $ 35,000. If Model X is not lowered, it is feared that all consumers will switch to Model 3.

“When we launched the Model X 75D, the gross margin was low. Because we have achieved efficiency, we can lower prices and deliver more value to customers,” the company’s official statement quoted by Reuters on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the most luxurious version for the Model X P100D which has the fastest acceleration and longer range is priced at US $ 145,000.

The company insists that the launch of the much cheaper priced Model 3 will have no effect on the sales of Model X and Model S. Even the company claims the sales of both models is increasing even though Tesla is launching a cheaper model.

Model 3 is indeed produced for the needs of middle-class society. Prices priced at US $ 35,000 do not include incentives. But the most luxurious version of this model sells for US $ 44,000.

Model 3 is produced to compete with European manufacturers such as Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes Benz C-Class.


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