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The 10 Most Timely Airports in the World, Indonesia How Many Positions Are Yes?

British aviation monitoring company, OAG, provides the latest update on the timeliness of 513 airports in the world. The resulting data was obtained from observations from June 2017 to May 2018.

Well, we have summarized the 10 busiest airports that have the best timeliness in the world. According to OAG, the airport must have a flight volume of over 400 thousand per year. Is the Soetta Airport rank included in the top 10?

The Japanese are known most timely. No wonder if Haneda airport in Tokyo can score 86 percent of 500,013 flights

With a total of 400,537 flights, Mexico International Airport can have an accuracy of 84 percent

Though in third place, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, United States, can provide 83.1 percent timeliness of 858,362 flights

Still from the US, Houston Airport, has a flight volume of 431,738 with an accuracy (OTP) of 83 percent

Busier than Indonesia with 551,667 flights, Denver Airport, USA, can be on time up to 82.7 percent

It has the same value as Denver, Seattle-Tacoma Airport, USA, has 406,725 flights

Dallas Fort Worth Airport, USA, gets OTP 81.6 percent and has 624,922 flights

Not great, Douglas Airport in Charlotte, USA, overcame 515,702 flights with 81.4 percent punctuality

Apparently a lot or at least the number of flights is not very influential. All depends on operational performance, such as Los Angeles International Airport can score 79.7 percent of 645,170 flights

Apart from Japan, it seems that the majority of US international airports are also very punctual. The last is O’Hare Airport, Chicago, with 854,342 flights and has an OTP of 79 percent

Unfortunately, on their page at, Indonesia ranks third from bottom.

The drop in Indonesia’s rank represented by Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Soetta) Jakarta, because OAG did not sort out the crowded and deserted airports.

Soetta Airport only has a timeliness value of 58.5 percent of 490,585 flights. Hopefully in the future, Indonesia can learn from other international airports in the world.

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