The Gusdur Thought Book Launched to Promote the Idea of ​​Islam Abroad

Jakarta – The International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID) with LKiS launched the book “Gus Dur on Religion, Democracy and Peace” & “Islam Against Hate Speech” as an effort to promote the idea of ​​Moderate Islam Indonesia to foreign countries.

The launch of this book coincides with the holding of the 2018 Indonesian Human Rights Festival in Wonosobo, Central Java.

The book, published by the Ivory publisher, aims to spread ideas and initiatives regarding democracy, peace and justice to the international world from Indonesian Muslims.

The first book is a collection of works by K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) and the second is a book entitled “Islam Against Hate Speec” by K.H. Husein Muhammad.

On this occasion, attended K.H. Husein Muhammad, Hairus Salim (Director of LKiS) and K.H. Mukhotob Hamzah (UNSIQ Chancellor) as a resource person.

In a written statement received by on Wednesday (11/14/2018), Hairus Salim said that the world was now engulfed by a wave of conflict and identity politics. Dispute machines are hoaxes and hate speeches.

In fact, he explained, currently the problems that exist are not only broadcast hate, but also hate-spin. The democratic order anywhere, not least in the West, has been shaken after the spread of hoaxes and hate speeches. The tension between freedom and respect for speech extends after experiencing extraordinary politicization.

K.H. Husein added, broadcast hate is the origin that destroys relations between humans. He stressed the danger of hate speech. According to him, Namimah; bring into conflict. Kidzbu; lie. Restitution; gossiping and slander; all contained in the broadcast of hatred.

Meanwhile, it’s K.H. Mukhotob Hamzah emphasizes the principle of love as the basis of human relations. He said, hate speech must start from a heart that is not in love. “Though love is a genuine character of Islam itself,” he said.

K.H. Mukhotob Hamzah said that Gus Dur was not only a peaceful thinker, but also a perpetrator. Gus Dur was already quite well known abroad, but hundreds of Gus Dur’s writings on various matters were mostly still in Indonesian and were not easily accessible to outsiders.

This book is expected to be widely disseminated to the presence of readers abroad, especially through the PDF version.

In this way, according to him, Indonesian Islam is known and can influence the views of Muslims as well as views on Islam abroad. It is hoped that in the future more and more Indonesian Muslim works can be accessed by foreigners. “The longing for peace and justice will be the key,” he explained.


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