The strength of Indonesia to the Asian Games 800 Athletes

Jakarta -Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi estimates the strength of Indonesia contingent in the 2018 Asian Games to reach 800 athletes from 1,200 athletes who undergo a national training camp.

“About 1,200 athletes who are currently undergoing the training of the Asian Games will partly be relegated to the second phase in May and that number will become more conical,” Menpora said.

Certainty of the number of athletes in the Indonesian contingent, according to Menpora, also become the material evaluation following insurance coverage for athletes pelatnas Asian Games.

“If there are athletes who have been protected by insurance and it turns out he should be degraded in pelatnas Asian Games, the insurance will disappear by itself,” said Menpora.

He added that the total number of athletes and team officials who will follow the Asian Games could reach 1,500 people as Indonesia as the host will go down on all match numbers.

“Later after the Asian Games, we will continue to prioritize the sports branches that have the potential to medalize in multi-sport championships abroad,” he said.

Kemenpora will prepare sanctions for the sports branches that can not meet the achievement targets in the Asian Games 2018 as stated in the proposal submission of the budget.

“I think the Asian Games will be a measuring instrument, on the one hand, many sports are optimistic about achievement, but we will also sanction other than award,” said Menpora.

One of the sanctions to be applied Kemenpora against sports that can not meet the target achievement of budget reduction.

“Right now, I am more focused on athletes especially their pocket money, whether it has reached the athlete or not,” said Menpora about other sanctions that may be applied to the sports branches.

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