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The Tradition of Early Morning Bathing at Sedudo Waterfall which is Suddenly Blackened in Nganjuk

Jakarta – Sedudo Waterfall in Nganjuk, East Java, is being hot topic currently. That’s because the color of the waterfall that became the tourist area suddenly turned black. This is known from a video circulating on social media.

Allegedly, the video was taken by the police. Because, when the video was recorded, a number of police members were seen at the location of the waterfall. The area of ​​Sedudo Waterfall has been visited by many visitors, both from the area around Nganjuk and other areas in Indonesia.

Usually, hundreds of residents from various regions take mass bathing from midnight Monday to Tuesday morning at Sedudo Waterfall, Nganjuk, East Java. They were willing to shiver with cold by showering at night until early morning. What makes many people willing to do that?

Stay young

The main reason a number of people are willing to take a bath in the Sedudo Waterfall in the middle of the night until the early hours of the morning because they believe that the ritual can make them young. This ritual is usually held at the turn of the Javanese New Year. Right at 00.00 in the morning, hundreds of residents headed down the waterfall to do the tradition of mass bathing just below the waterfall.

Stored in a bottle

In the mass bathing ritual, visitors also took the time to collect water from the Sedudo Waterfall. They put the water in a packaging bottle, which had been prepared in advance. Aside from being able to make it young, bathing and drinking in the Sedudo Waterfall is also believed to be easier.

Descendent Tradition

Mass bathing in the Sedudo Waterfall is a hereditary tradition, which has been going on for decades and has become part of the regional cultural wealth, especially in Nganjuk, East Java.

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