These Method to Recover deleted photos from Android Smartphones

TECH TEAM : Everybody likes photography from a smartphone. Everyone wants to save their photos in their phone. If you ever get deleted from your photos in such a way then what do you do?

Today we are going to tell you a method that you can use to get your deleted photos back. You only have to do some work for this. With this help, photos deleted from your phone can be recovered and that too in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Recover deleted photos from Android phones like this –

In this we will tell you how to recover photos from your Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, Moto, LG, OnePlus, Sony and all Android devices.

For this, Toolkit Android Data Recovery provides you with the best user interface from other toolkits in the market. This toolkit supports 6000+ Android devices from around the world. Let’s see how to use this foreview tool.

1. First of all, download ‘Android Data Recovery’ and install it on your PC or Mac. Let us know that this also supports for Mac.

2. Run the application on your PC and click on the “Data Recovery” option from all the options provided. Now, you have to connect to the device from which you want to retrieve the photo via the data cable.

3. You may be asked to allow “USB debugging mode” if you have not already enabled it on your Android phone. Now just follow the instructions below.

4. Now your device is successfully connected. Now you will see a window with many types of files, which can be recovered again. Disable all and select only the ‘Gallery’ option. Now click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

5. Now in this step you can see two modes, one is “standard mode” and the other is “advanced mode”. For your first try, “Standard mode” is recommended. Now, accept the warning message and click on “Next”.

6. Scanning process has started now. This process will take some time to complete. Keep your device connected to the computer during this entire process.

7. Once the scan process is complete, you will be able to see all the photos in your gallery. Click on ‘Gallery’ on the left side of the menu. Now select those photos and click on ‘Recover’ which you want on your Android device.

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