This are Tips on Safe Transaction Using Cards from Bank Indonesia

Jakarta -In addition to requesting the protection of consumers or customers to get the attention of payment system providers, Bank Indonesia expects the public also continue to increase awareness in non-cash transactions.

Executive Director of the Department of Communications of Bank Indonesia Agusman said that the way to increase vigilance during non-cash transactions is to follow a number of tips to transact using card or nontunai safe as published by BI.

“We ask for the protection of consumers / customers to get attention, and at the same time the customer must also continuously improve the vigilance by following the tips of transactions using a safe card,” he told on Tuesday (20/3/2018).

According to him, non card-based payment instrument in Indonesia has actually been introduced since 2007. Since then slowly the people of Indonesia began to recognize and interested in using non-cash payment equipment for various purposes.

However, not all are sure to use it as a means of payment, some people are still worried about the safety factor and how to save it.

According to him, there are many ways to deal with non-cash transactions that can be done by the community to avoid losses or unwanted things, whether it is safe to use ATM cards, debit cards, credit cards and electronic money.

It explains some safe tips using the card:

A. ATM Card

1. Always change your PIN (personal identification number) periodically.

2. Avoid PINs that are easy to guess like birthdates or phone numbers

3. Protect the confidentiality of the PIN, close the keypad by hand when entering the PIN

4. Store the card in a safe place. If if lost immediately call the call center for blocking.

5. Be aware of the surrounding ATM environment and note the physical condition of the ATM machine.

6. After making a cash withdrawal, immediately take back the ATM card and save proof of ATM transactions.

B. Debit Card

1. Make sure funds are available when making transactions

2. Make sure you take back the debit card and the receipt after use.

3. Maintain the confidentiality of the PIN by not notifying anyone.

4. Always check the amount of funds in your savings account to ensure that usage is not done.

5. Save the debit card safely, if lost immediately contact the call center for blocking.

C. Credit Card

1. Securely store your credit card.

2. Save proof of payment every time you transact.

3. Keep the card number and triple digit number on the back of the card.

4. Make sure the card bill is in accordance with your transaction.

5. Make sure to take back the card and proof of payment after the transaction.

6. If frequent online transactions, download security applications to reduce the possibility of piracy.

7. Use a trusted online shopping site.

8. Always store your bank’s call center credit card number to be contacted if you have problems.

D. Electronic Money Card

1. Check your money balance in electronic money regularly to make sure no debiting exceeds your transaction.

2. Realize that losing electronic money equals losing cash. So need more careful.

3. Always keep your call center bank number for electronic money card issuer to be contacted if you have trouble.

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