This is the Limitations of Garuda Indonesia Eco Basic Ticket Fee

Jakarta -Garuda Indonesia, a full service airlines, has a new class of cheap claims, the Eco Basic that will operate on May 28, 2018. Then what are the different provisions of this class?

Nicodemus P. Lampe, Director of Garuda Indonesia Services, said the service is still limited to 44 flights that use ATR 72-600 and CRJ 1000 NextGen aircrafts. In addition, the number of tickets sold in this class is only 12 seats per flight.

“Service is not much different from other economic class, but the price can be cheaper,” said Nicodemus, Thursday (24/05/2018).

In the official website of Garuda, a number of provisions in the Eco Basic, among others, passengers carrying infant (infants aged 0-23 months) are not allowed to order Eco Basic tickets. Discounts for children’s tickets do not apply.

Children passengers must purchase tickets at an adult price and can not make special meal reservations.

In addition, there is no additional luggage capacity facility to carry sports equipment. The weight of the sport equipment carried will deduct the carrying capacity of the recorded baggage.

Passengers can only check-in via check-in counter at the airport, not via web, mobile, city, kiosk, or phone check-in.

Passengers also can not select the desired seat before or during check-in.

If a passenger has an advanced flight, through check-in or through baggage is not allowed.

The laying of cabin luggage in the upper compartment (overhead compartment) is also not permitted in this class, so passengers may only carry one luggage which is adequately placed under the seat.

Premium check-in, priority boarding, fast track and lounge access are not allowed, including for GarudaMiles Platinum and SkyTeam Elite Plus members.

Eco Basic tickets will not earn miles.

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