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Today’s Earthquake: BMKG Reveals 2 Indonesian Regions Shocked by the Earthquake

Jakarta – The earthquake has shaken the region in Indonesia twice a day, on Thursday (6/12/2018).

The first earthquake occurred in the area of ​​Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara at 08.02 WIB.

An earthquake measuring 5.7 magnitude has rocked North Lombok with a depth of 10 km.

Through official Twitter, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) revealed that the earthquake had no tsunami potential.

The earthquake in Lombok was also felt in the Mataram, Denpasar, Tabanan, Kuta, and Sumbawa regions.

The earthquake was felt by Lombok residents with the MMI VI Scale.

Whereas in other regions, felt the earthquake with the MMI V-II Scale.

Following are the details of the earthquake felt in the Lombok – Bali region:

1. Scale of MMI VI North Lombok

2. Scale of MMI V West Lombok

3. Scale of MMI V Mataram

4. MMI IV scale in Central Lombok

5. MMI IV East Lombok Scale

6. MMI Scale III-IV Denpasar

7. Scale of MMI III Jimbaran

8. Tabanan MMI III Scale

9. MMI III Sumbawa Scale

10. Scale of MMI II Nusa Dua

11. Karangasem MMI II-III Scale

12. MMI II-III Kuta scale

13. MMI II-III Scale Singaraja.

In addition, on the same day, the earthquake shook Mamasa on Thursday (12/06/2018).

The epicenter was on land, 8 km northwest of Mamasa with a depth of 10 km.

The earthquake measuring 3.6 magnitude occurred at 15.56 West Indonesia Time.

The earthquake felt by the residents of Mamasa with the MMI II Scale.

Based on the MMI (Modified Mercalli Intensity) Scale, this is a picture of the condition a person feels about earthquake shocks, quoted from the BMKG website:


Vibration is not felt except in extraordinary circumstances by some people


Vibration was felt by several people, light objects hanging swayed.


Vibration is felt in the house.

Feels like a truck passed.


During the day felt by many people in the house, outside by some people, pottery broke, windows / doors rattled and the walls rang.


Vibration was felt by almost all residents, many people were awakened, pottery broke, items were smashed, poles and large items seemed to sway, pendants of bells could stop.


Vibration is felt by all residents. Most were shocked and ran out, plaster walls fell and chimneys in factories were damaged, minor damage.


Everyone goes out of the house. Mild damage to houses with good buildings and construction.

While in buildings with poor construction cracks and even broken, chimneys burst. Feels by people who ride vehicles.


Minor damage to buildings with strong construction.

The cracks in the building with construction were not good, the walls could escape the frame of the house, the factory chimneys and monuments collapsed, the water became cloudy.


Damage to the building is strong, the frame of the house is not straight, many cracks. The house seemed to move somewhat from its foundation. Pipes in the house break up.


Strong wooden buildings were damaged, the frame of the house separated from the foundation, the ground was split by curved rails, landslides on each river and on steep soils.


Few buildings remain standing.

The bridge is broken, there is a valley.

Pipes in the ground cannot be used at all, the ground is split, the rail is very curved.


Destroyed completely, waves appear on the surface of the ground.

The scenery darkens.

Objects thrown into the air.

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