Tourist Attractions in Tondano with Various Interesting Objects

Tondano is the capital of Minahasa Regency. The location of this city is quite close to the city of Manado. The distance is only about 35 km.

This city has 4 districts and several tourist attractions that are certainly interesting to visit. One of the famous tourist attractions in this city is Lake Tondano.

Apart from being well-known in the North Sulawesi area, this tourist spot in Tondano is also popular outside Sulawesi. Many of the tourists traveling to North Sulawesi will take the time to visit Lake Tondano.

It can be said that this lake is a tourist icon of Tondano City. Apart from Lake Tondano, there are still many interesting tourist attractions in this city. Come on, see the following list!

1. Moraya Fortress

Address: Tuutu, Kec. West Tondano, Kab. Minahasa, North Sulawesi.
Fort Moraya is a tourist spot in Tondano that is worth visiting. This tourist attraction is one of the silent witnesses to the Tondano War which occurred in 1809. This place is a great tourist destination to visit because you can learn about history besides traveling.

The location of this fort is located in a strategic place, namely on the lips of Lake Tondano. It is located not far from the Korengkeng Statue which is in the Roong Village, Tondano Barat District.

This fort is a historical place for the Minahasa people. Behind the fort there are 12 pillars with different carved images and inscriptions.

Not only learning about the Tondano War, you can also witness the beauty of Lake Tondano from this fort. This tourist spot is open 24 hours.

2. Uluna Tondano

Address: Masarang, Tondano Bar., Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi
Uluna Tondano is one of the tourist attractions in Tondano in the form of a natural spring in the Masarang area, West Tondano District.

Having clear water, this spring has a depth of about 3 meters with very exotic underwater views. Among underwater photography enthusiasts, Uluna is quite famous.

This place contains a variety of aquatic plants and animals, such as crayfish, tilapia, or freshwater crayfish, payangka, and other living creatures.

Before being famous as one of the interesting diving and photography spots, Uluna was known to the local community as a bathing place for residents. Children love to bathe here because the water is very clear.

3. Lake Tondano

Address: Tondano City, Kab. Minahasa, South Sulawesi
Lake Tondano is located not far from the city center. This tourist destination is a mainstay tourist attraction in Tondano City. The air in this tourist spot in Tondano feels cool because this lake is located between four mountains, namely Mount Lembean, Mount Kaweng, Mount Masarang and Bukit Tumpusu.

The area of ​​this lake is around 4,278 hectares with stunning views. There is an “island” named Likri Island in the middle of the lake. This island from a distance looks like grass floating on a lake.

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Written by Anju Ade

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