Toyota Corolla Sport Anyar So First Generation Cars Connected, Launched in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces the launch of the new Corolla Sport in Japan. Corolla Intelligent Manual Transmission (IMT) is scheduled for release in August.

With the advent of a new mobility society, the auto industry is changing significantly. The new Corolla Sport debuted as the first generation of connecting cars, connecting people, communities and cars, while offering services specifically designed for safety, security, comfort, and comfort. Corolla Sport is not just a means of transportation; it offers a new relationship between people and cars.

Corolla Sport, faithful to its name, adopts a sporty design. As a global sports car powered by a total of 1 million kilometers of testing driving on five continents, anyone in the world can enjoy driving it, whatever the environment.

The first generation Corolla was developed with a passion to pave the way for the motor community in Japan. Debuting in 1966 with the concept of ‘Japanese mobilization,’ the Corolla marks the 52nd anniversary of this year. Currently, the Corolla has become a beloved car globally, with strong sales for a long time, boasting a total of more than 46 million vehicle sales in over 150 countries and territories.

Yoshiki Konishi, chief engineer in charge of development, explained that “Corolla has changed with the times.” The Corolla Sport is just continuing the Corolla’s pleasure to push DNA and integrate connected functions into the future of mobility.I want people to experience good history and future are woven by Corollas when they drive it. ”

Leading the way as the first-generation connected car and the 12th-generation Corolla, the long-awaited Corolla Sport, first launched in New York in March 2017, is now available in Japan, offering new connections between cars and people as a straightforward car for new generation.

Toyota Corolla assembled at Tsutsumi Factory is targeted to sell 2,300 units per month.

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