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Trump Cancel His Meeting with Kim Jong Un

Washington DC -US President Donald Trump announced the cancellation of his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The announcement was delivered in a letter to North Korea, as reported AFP news agency Thursday (24/05/2018). Previously, in Twitter on May 10, Trump said he would meet with Kim in Singapore on 12 June.

However, in the letter, he stated that the opportunity to hold a one-on-one meeting is unlikely to be realized. “Seeing the anger you’ve shown lately, I feel it’s not right to hold a meeting,” he said. The 71-year-old president also mentioned the nuclear capability that has been said by North Korea. Trump said the US is much bigger. “Our nuclear is so much stronger and stronger that I have to pray to God so we do not have to use it,” he said. Trump continues, hoping to see Kim sometime. He feels there will be a positive dialogue if they meet.

The Republican president was also grateful that Kim had been willing to release three of his detained nationals. “If you change your mind, please do not hesitate to write me a letter or get in. Honestly, this is the saddest moment in history,” he continued. North Korea’s stance has been tough in the past two weeks after the United States reportedly held a military exercise with South Korea. In addition, Pyongyang also can not accept the words US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, who said nuclear North Korea can only be done through the model of Libya. The North then responded improperly to compare their nuclear capacity with Libya. North Korea claims to have achieved nuclear weapons status. Military drills and Bolton’s remarks made North Korea through its medium, KCNA, threatening to cancel its meeting with the United States.

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