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Trump Ensure Meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore

Jakarta -US President Donald Trump says his high-level meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will take place on June 12 as planned.

The meeting was confirmed after he held extraordinary talks with top Pyongyang officials at the White House on Friday.

Trump emerged after more than an hour’s meeting in the Oval Office with Kim Yong Chol – a general sanctioned by the United States as well as Kim’s right-hand man, said the summit would take place in Singapore on June 12 as planned.

While acknowledging that connecting with North Korea “will be a process”, Trump says he believes the process will eventually “succeed”.

Trump said the letter from Kim, handed directly by Kim Yong Chol, was “excellent” and “very interesting”, but later said he had not opened it yet.

Nevertheless Trump delivered warm words to Pyongyang, saying the long discussions addressed North Korea’s denuclearization and economic development.

“The relationship woke up and it was very positive,” he said.

Trump also said that he and his guests discussed the number of US troops on the Korean Peninsula.

“We talk almost about everything, we talk a lot and we talk about sanctions,” he said.

Earlier, Kim Jong-un’s right-hand man met US President Donald Trump at the Oval Office on Friday at a meeting whose discussions should include sending letters from North Korean leaders about their upcoming summit.

The high official, Kim Yong Chol, was greeted by White House chief of staff John Kelly, who guided him to the Oval Office for talks with Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo according to spokesman Sarah Sanders.

Kim arrived in Washington from New York, where she met with Pompeo to prepare for a June 12 meeting between leaders of the United States and North Korea in Singapore.

After the talks on Thursday, Pompeo expressed confidence that the process is moving in the right direction, but warned North Korean leaders to be brave enough to make a “strategic shift” in understanding that it would be safer without nuclear weapons.

US officials say Kim’s letter to Trump may not explain all the questions about the agenda, but could bring the realization of the planned meeting in Singapore, AFP news agency reported.

Source : Antara

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