Trump: Meeting Agenda With Kim Jong Un Still Open

Jakarta -Despite the widespread possibility of a cancellation of a meeting between North Korea and the United States, US President Donald Trump opens the possibility that the meeting will take place as originally planned.

Trump on a number of occasions that the planned historic encounter between Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-Un might resume going as planned.

The meeting even claimed to be followed by a very productive discussion involving the two countries.

“We are in the middle of a very productive talks to reactivate the planned meeting on June 12 in Singapore, if possible, the time is extended,” he said, quoted by Bloomberg, Saturday (26/5).

Previously, Trump on Thursday (24/5), suddenly canceled his meeting with Kim in a letter. But later, Trump stated that the meeting was likely to be held. “We’re talking to them now,” he added.

Meanwhile, government spokesman Heather Nauert said it was working on plans for a meeting between Trump and Kim to go ahead as planned.

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