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Trump Prepares 800 Chinese List of Imported Products Tariffs by 25%

Jakarta -The tension of trade relations between the United States and China will again heat up, after US President Donald Trump revealed he would impose a higher tariff on imported products from China worth US $ 50 billion.

This was disclosed Trump on Friday, local time, as quoted by Reuters.

Trump has listed more than 800 strategic import products from China, including cars, which will be charged at 25% starting July 6.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce of China responded to responding to the ‘Trump’ attack at the rate of ‘on the same scale and strength’.

The official Xinhua news agency said China will impose a 25% tariff on 659 US products, ranging from soybeans, seafood, to cars.

China’s ‘revenge’ list has increased sixfold from the version released in April, but its value is maintained at US $ 50 billion, as some high-value items such as commercial aircraft have been removed from the list.

In a previous statement, Trump also said that the United States would impose additional tariffs on China’s imported products if the country responded to US ‘attacks’.

Source: Reuters

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