Unconsciously, 5 It Can Ruin The Beauty Of Your Hair

Make a girl keep the appearance is obliged right? So as a girl, you have to care about your body so that your appearance still looks fresh and beautiful.

And that means you have to maintain healthy skin, health nails, to hair health. It’s not funny, if her skin glows healthy, her nails are beautiful, but her hair is dry, dull and branched.

Hair is the most important part of a woman’s appearance, because the hair is a crown. Therefore it must be kept healthy and shiny. But maintaining the health of this hair including hard hard easy, because a lot of things that can make your hair damaged and lose its luster.

The following without your consciousness can cause damage to your hair.

Likes to use a hair heater

Almost all girls must have used a hair heater. Whether it’s a hair dryer to dry hair, or haircut (hair iron) to straighten hair. If you use this hair heater too often, your hair will become dry, break easily, and branch off because it loses its natural moisture.

If forced to wear hair heaters such as hair dryer or tool vise, try to always wear a moisturizing hair serum. The goal is of course so that your hair is not damaged.

Often exposed to sunlight

Sunlight that contains UV A and UV B, can damage the lining of your hair. Make your hair dry and branched. Therefore, if you want to move long time outdoors, do not forget to protect your hair with a hat or other head coverings.

Frequently exposed to chemicals

Too often use chemicals was not good also for your hair health. If you include a frequent use of hair spray, or often do rebonding, smoothing, bleaching, coloring and so forth, then you are obliged to give your hair extra care because your hair is often exposed to chemicals.

Too much chemicals in the hair can make your hair dry, easily broken, and easy to fall out.

Rarely do hair care

Your hair should be taken care of occasionally too to give it extra nutrition and keep it moist. You can choose to treat naturally at home using traditional ingredients, or do some salon treatment.

The simplest thing you can do to take care of your hair is to use a conditioner after every shampoo, and wear a hair serum.

Too often swim

Swimming is healthy, but if too often can damage your hair of girls? Why is that? Yes, because chlorine-containing water in the pool, or salty sea water on the beach can cause your hair to dry.

Therefore after a swim, get used to rinse your hair with a clean shampoo and conditioner. Even if needed you can also add serum vitamin hair.

Well girls, ranging from now diligent doing hair care. No need to wait for your hair dry and fall out first busy doing maintenance. Do not forget to also avoid the things above, so your hair is not damaged.

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