US stops possession of 19 Russians and five organizations

Washington : The US has banned 19 individuals and five groups of Russia. Restricted groups include Russia’s intelligence organization FSB and GRU. Restricted people and organizations can not have any connection with American citizens, institutions and companies. The US has done this for the events of Russian intervention and cyber attack to influence the results in the 2016 presidential election.

US Finance Minister Steve Nuchen said this action has been done due to the activities of Russian government officials and the chaos caused by cyber-attack gangs. The restrictions have been applied for how many days, the finance ministry has not made it clear. Nuchin said that the people who were banned were suspected of infiltrating their American economic system. Said, this action has been done in view of the malicious online activities of Russian citizens. The result of these activities was that the presidential election was interfered and an attempt was made to attack the cyber infrastructure of important sites.

American agencies believe that in 2016 elections, Russia has influenced the consequences through ill-advised and cyber-attacks. The election of President Donald Trump was taken in favor of the election. Although Russia has denied any negative role in the US elections. After the intervention intelligence report, then US President Barack Obama had ordered three dozen Russian diplomats out of the country.

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