Vice Governer Sandiaga Inaugurated West Side Park

Jakarta -Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta inaugurated the inauguration of West Sisi Park of National Monument area, Central Jakarta as a new recreation place in the Capital City.

Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno, hopes the existence of this park can be a place to gather, interact, and enjoy the nature of Jakarta. “The park in the heart of Jakarta is hopefully to be an oasis,” said Sandi, Tuesday / 3/2018).

Sandi explained that the presence of this park is expected to bring a different atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, adding Monas area is not inferior to other open parks in the world such as Central Park in New York, USA. The park is supported by a landscape like Monas that can attract children easily to capture this moment in social media.

“Later the young people can gather here and this is an interesting spot for the Asian Games,” he said.

He stated the name of this new park will be obtained through a contest in his personal instagram account @ sandiuno for the next two days. The existence of this park is expected to increase the Monas area visitors to reach 10,000 tourists.

As is known, the park area is about 2,000 m2. West Sisi Park was first built in 2009 during the governance of DKI Jakarta Province, Sutiyoso for donations from individuals.

According to official information received by the Business, the arrangement of the park starts in the first week of March 2018. The park is arranged with the following objectives:

(1) Improving the function of the park within the framework of the maintenance of the Monas Regions.

(2) Enriching the aesthetic value of Monas Park area so that it can become a new tourism object in Monas.

(3) Improve the psychological aspect (calm / calm) for Monas Park area visitors.

The arrangement is done by self-managed using the budget of Maintenance of Facilities and Infrastructure APBD 2018 by costing around Rp 18 million.The fund is used for replacement of pumps, repair of electrical installation, installation of garden lights, water circulation system, pedestrian repair, .

Meanwhile, in order to m emperindah park, Department of Food Security, Marine, and Agriculture Provincial of DKI Jakarta give seeds of Nila fish as much as 2.000 tail and catfish 500 tail, and the donation of garbage from PLN area Menteng. This park can be utilized by the general public for free while maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the park.

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