Virtual Office Work Space Solutions for MSMEs and Start Up

Jakarta -The business growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia which is on the rise, should continue to be supported by a strong ecosystem.

This ecosystem is formed and influenced by several things, ranging from regulation, easy access to capital and adequate work space for MSMEs to do business.

The increase in MSME growth was recorded by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs some time ago, by revealing that the role of MSMEs in the national economy was quite large, reaching more than 90% and employment reaching 97%. MSMEs also managed to contribute to the growth of Gross Domestic Product by 60.34%.

In the workplace, many MSMEs have begun to trust virtual offices as a solution in recent years. This opportunity is used by XWORK as a startup that offers online or virtual office bookings.

XWORKS Director William Budihardjo said the virtual office is a rental service ‘office address’ where clients rent addresses for letter correspondence and guest reception. The client does not have a physical location, but has a fixed registered address.

“This is very useful for those whose nature of work is always moving, but still wants to have an address for their correspondence,” he said in a release received by Bisnis Indonesia on Sunday (09/30/2018).

Virtual office users who now use XWORK are still dominated by MSMEs to startups that are still in a very early stage, or businesses that need workers to move around. With a virtual office, they can save office rental budgets significantly up to 50%.

“XWORK provides a variety of rooms, including various virtual office packages with attractive and affordable offers that are now the choice for many MSMEs. We are committed to always providing services that can help MSMEs in running their businesses, “he said.

From the benefits that can be felt by many parties to new opportunities made possible by the way it works, virtual office has turned into a new trend that will increase rapidly in the next 5 years.

This is because the concept allows MSME businesses to operate at a lower cost. Many new companies will emerge and are more motivated to work, so as to have a positive impact on the Indonesian economy. The concept that was once doubtful and only considered a trend, has now become a picture of the future and will integrate with the business culture.

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