Welcoming Maulid Nabi 2018, Sidoarjo Government Holds Cheap Milkfish Market

Jakarta –¬†Welcoming the celebration of the Maulid of the Prophet 2018, the Sidoarjo government holds a cheap milkfish market.

Not only the cheap milkfish market, a variety of events to welcome Maulid Nabi 2018 have been held by the Sidoarjo government.

However, the cheap milkfish market is one of a series of events to welcome the Maulid Nabi 2018 which the people of Sidoarjo have been waiting for.

The Birthday of the Prophet is an important day in the calendar with the calendar of the hijjriyah system.

The Commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet just fell on the 12th of Rabiul Awal in the calendar of the Islamic calendar.

Mawlid Prophet is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet in Islamic history.

Reported by Grid.ID Serambi Indonesia, Prophet Muhammad SAW was born on Monday on the 12th of Rabiul Beginning of the Year of the Elephant.


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