Who Is Jesco Denzel, The Person Behind Viral Photo Leaders G7 Countries?

JAKARTA -In the last few days, the citizens have discussed one of the photos in the G7 meeting. In the photo, it appears US President Donald Trump sat crossed his arms and seemed to be the center of discussion because he was surrounded by leaders of other G7 countries.

Right in front of Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel placed a strained expression as she leaned her hand on the table in front of Trump. In the virtual world, this photo is viral, even a meme that entertains.

Loaded as a headline in some of the world’s print media and uploaded on various online news portals, it keeps the photo taker in the spotlight. Apparently, the photo was taken directly by German Government photographer Jesco Denzel.

In his Instagram account, Denzel uploaded the photo with the caption ” So I took this photograph ”. Despite getting 1,353 likes, he did not specifically describe what the G7 leaders were discussing when he took the photo.

Quoted from, Denzel is a scholar of political science and geography who graduated from Hamburg University in 2001. The man born in 1972 and then studied photojournalism at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences in 2002, and in the same year began his career as a freelance photographer.

In 2010, Denzel became the official photographer of the German Government. He followed and perpetuated the activities of the Chancellor and the President both domestically, and abroad.

In the midst of his busy life, Denzel remains involved in photo-documentary projects focusing on social and economic issues.

His achievements as a photographer was quite a lot, the latest is the award from World Press Photo for his work entitled “Lagos Waterfronts under Threat”. Other works can also be accessed through his personal website.

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