World Premiere at GIMS 2018: Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion, from Scientific Fiction to Facts of Science

JAKARTA – The 88th Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) 2018 became the momentum of the premiere appearance (world premiere) from other members of Family I.D. Volkswagen ie I.D. Vizzion.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion is the concept of a luxury electric-powered limousine vehicle without an autonomous alias steering wheel that will become a means of personal transportation of the future.

When it comes to possibilities in the future of autonomous driving, I.D. The Vizzion concept vehicle from Volkswagen is a good way to start.

Built from MEB electric vehicle platform, I.D. Vizzion combines voice-and gesture-control technology and artificial intelligence software.

His impressive figure opens up a picture of a transport in 2030. Sedan I.D. Vizzion has a speed capability of 180 km / h, and electric battery mileage up to 665 kilometers.

Family I.D. Volkswagen will be launched in 2020.

What’s new from I.D. Vizzion?

I.D. Vizzion is the first Volkswagen brand vehicle ever built without a steering wheel or pedal-wherever the concept car can go, it will do it independently.

The digital driver will not only navigate and direct, but also recognize the occupants and automatically adjust the interior aspects such as climate control and music playlists to suit their preferences.

In fact, this car can communicate with the outside world by projecting the image of the crossing line in front of I.D. Vizzion to let the pedestrians know they can pass safely in front.

Like the first three I.D. products, namely the concept of electric vehicles I.D., I.D. Crozz and I.D. Buzz, I.D. Vizzion initiated a model that is scheduled to enter production by 2022. However, I.D. The Vizzion concept in Geneva highlights the vision of Volkswagen for a much longer time in the future, when so-called 5 level automation drivers might become.

World view 2030

Like other MEB models, I.D. Vizzion has an all-wheel drive provided by an electric motor in the front and rear axles, generating a total of 302 hp. Its 111 kWh battery pack should provide a range of about 300 miles. It is equipped with a laser-scanning laser phalanx, ultrasonic sensor, front and rear radar sensor, and a 360-degree viewing camera from the area surrounding the vehicle.

To highlight his 2030 world view, I.D. The Vizzion concept is laid out with the new and sleek VW evolution of the VW vehicle. Designers remove stitches and barriers for passengers, from doors that do not have a B-pillar to a window that wets the bodywork.

Meanwhile, a series of strips of LED lights surround the car, from the front grille through the sides and door handle to the rear fender; the vehicle’s light beam recognizes one of its passengers through face recognition technology. The headlights are made of 8,000 Matrix HD LEDs that can be individually controlled and used to display projects in front of the car.

Open the door and there is an engraved dashboard, wheel and instrument panel; the bulge is just a pair of footrest for the front passenger.

I.D. Vizzion is designed to be controlled by voice and hand cues and integrated with additional eyeglasses to display vehicle data. For those who still want true control, there are two buttons in the middle panel, especially to rotate the stereo up and down.

Though it seems like a future sci-fi idea, almost all of the technology in I.D. Vizzion already exists or is being developed by VW and its suppliers. Given the rate of technological advancement in recent years, autonomous vehicles can develop rapidly enough to turn science fiction today into a science fact.

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